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How Can Physical Therapy Help?

improving motion

Motion is essential to everyone’s quality of life. Whether it is an everyday task such doing laundry, sports such as golf and basketball, or an essential activity such as performing their job, a physical therapist can help to improve mobility and function. Physical therapists also help prevent injuries and promote a healthy lifestyle by improving strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination.

While surgery may be the ultimate course of treatment for certain conditions, there is evidence to indicate that physical therapists can offer an alternative treatment option. Considering conservative treatment options, such as physical therapy, is a hallmark of good care. When there is a need for surgery, physical therapists can enhance the outcome both before and after surgery. Additionally, for those individuals whose health conditions prevent surgery from being an option, physical therapists can be invaluable in helping them improve or maintain the quality of their lives.

A physical therapist can help patients control pain, often reducing the need for long-term use of medications. Studies reveal that individuals who participate in physical therapy experience greater improvement in function with less pain. While recognizing that medication is an essential component in the management of many acute and chronic conditions, physical therapists can provide an alternative to the long-term use of medications for the management of pain.

Myths About Therapy

I don’t need a therapist.

We all have our blind spots. Intelligence has nothing to do with it. A good therapist doesn’t tell you what to do or how to live your life. He or she will give you an experienced outside perspective and help you gain insight into yourself so you can make better choices.

Physical Therapy and Chiropractic are the same.

Despite some crossover between the two professions, physical therapy is very different from chiropractic care. Physical therapy incorporates more active treatments including strengthening, stretching and balance training. Physical therapists can treat you immediately after an injury or accident as well as after surgery. Both professions are experts in treating the spine. Physical Therapists are experts in treatments for all extremities including knees and shoulders.

Physical Therapy is always painful.

Physical Therapy after surgery may be painful initially but it is a necessary portion of your rehabilitation. Most patients leave our offices feeling much better with less pain compared to when they entered our facility.